Clawdette the Four-Clawed Lobster Shows Up in Maine Seafood Wholesaler's Shipment

Clawdette is a healthy lobster with full function in all four claws.

Meet Clawdette, a four-clawed lobster that was discovered among a Maine Wholesaler's latest shipment.

Instead of selling her to be steamed with butter, Ready Seafood Co. took the lobster to the Maine State Aquarium, run by the Maine Department of Marine Resources, where she is now on display.

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"She's a pretty unique and special individual lobster, so the fact that she's going to be at an aquarium where the public can see her, that's ideal," Ready Seafood's in-house marine biologist Curt Brown told 

Brown speculated that Clawdette must have lost a claw years ago, and while her body was attempting to grow a new claw, she grew three. 

All four claws are fully formed and functional. While most lobsters have one pincher claw and one crusher claw, Clawdette has one normal-sized pincher claw on one arm, and two smaller pincher claws as well as a smaller crusher claw on the other arm, Brown told

"If you put your finger near those claws, you will get to know it pretty well," Brown laughed.

While the extra claws are likely due to a genetic mutation, Clawdette is a perfectly healthy lobster weighing about a-pound-and-a-half, Brown said. She is believed to be between 7 and 9 years old.

Brown said he has never seen a four-clawed lobster in more than a decade of working in the industry, and other marine biologists say it may be impossible to determine how rare a four-clawed lobster may be.

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The University of Maine reported that genetic defects in lobsters often cause different colors, including the blue lobster, which has a 1-in-2 million chance of occurring.

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