Ohio Voter Gets $500 Tattoo of Trump's Head on His Arm

44-year-old steelworker Anthony Bordell says he supports Trump because he wants the overthrow of the U.S. government.

An Ohio voter supports Trump so unabashedly he got a tattoo of the billionaire on his arm.

And it's no tiny homage to the Republican presidential front-runner. Anthony Bordell's ink of The Donald takes up his entire upper arm.

The 44-year-old steelworker, who's never met Trump, attended a rally for the candidate in Vienna, Ohio and wore a sleeveless shirt to make sure the tattoo was on display.

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Bordell told reporters he paid about $500 for the tattoo about two weeks ago.

According to CBS News, Bordell says he has no second thoughts about the ink, whether Trump wins or loses. "Doesn't matter," he said.

Bordell, a registered independent, says he's voting for Trump because he supports "overthrowing the government the way it is."

Bordell and his fellow Ohio voters are taking to the polls Tuesday, as will voters in Florida, Illinois and Missouri and North Carolina.

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While not wildly popular, tattoos supporting presidential candidates aren't unheard of.

Last month, Clay Dragon Tattoo, in the all-important primary state of New Hampshire, offered free ink to anyone who supports Trump.

Soon after the tattoo artists made their offer, dozens booked appointments to get their "Trump Stamp," reports US News.

In 2012, a man famously placed an area on the side of his head up for sale on eBay, where a Republican bidder paid $15,000 to have him tattoo Mitt Romney's "R" campaign logo.

In 2008, after Barack Obama became the first African American to take up residence in the White House, many supporters celebrated with tattoos of artist Shepard Fairey's ubiquitous "Hope" poster.

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