Meet The 'Secret Weapon' Who Told O.J. Simpson's Attorneys How To Pick a Jury

Jo-Ellan Dimitrius spoke to INSIDE EDITION about her portrayal in the miniseries.

Jo-Ellen Dimitrius was known as O.J Simpson’s so-called “Dream Team's” secret weapon during his 1995 murder trial.

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She was the jury consultant who told Simpson’s attorneys exactly who should be on the panel. She says that when it comes to her role in the trial, the producers of The People Vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story got it right.

In the series she is played by actress Courtney Cook.

Dimitrius described the perfect juror: “a female African-American with high school education or less.”

The lawyers followed her advice.

Dimitrius said Marcia Clark got the same analysis from her jury consultant but chose to ignore it.

“She was very skeptical of that info,” the jury consultant said. “She had been a successful prosecutor and ‘who do I need this group of people coming in to tell me what I already know?’”

The result was a jury more inclined to be sympathetic to Simpson -- eight black women, one black man, one Hispanic man and two white woman.”

Throughout the trial, Dimitrius observed how the jury reacted to each witness and advised the defense on their line of questioning. The most devastating witness was Mark Fuhrman, the lead detective who was accused of using the "N" word. He said under oath that he never did. 

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INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked: "How do you believe the jurors saw Mark Fuhrman?"

She said: "As a dishonest individual, he could not be honest enough to say 'Yeah, I used that word. I am not proud of it.' Think about how different this trial might have been if he sat in the chair on the witness stand and said: 'Yeah, those are my words. I am not proud of it.'"

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