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Musician Plays Incredible Duet with 1-Year-Old Self

The first time Publio Delgado sang his 2012 original song, he was a 1-year-old splashing in the bathtub.

Spanish Youtube artist Publio Delgado released an original song in 2012, "Dou Hua". Little did he know, it was a song decades in the making.

Delgado had actually been singing the same melody for 30 years.

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Earlier this week, Delgado re-released the 2012 song, mixing a clip of his one-year-old self singing the same tune in the bathtub.

Delgado told that he had been looking through home videos of himself when he was younger to look for inspiration for new songs. He picked out the video of himself in the tub, and "freaked out" when he heard his one-year-old self sing the first four notes of a song he wrote 26 years after the original bathtub scene.

"I had in mind harmonizing my own baby speech," Delgado said. "As soon as I started working on it, [I heard myself sing] the same four first notes of 'Dou Hua'. I couldn't believe it!"

While his home video shocked him, Delgado always knew his interest in music began when he was a kid.

"My father played guitar and piano as a hobby, and wrote his own songs too," Delgado said. "I used to [have fun with] the piano when I was a baby as well, so I grew up surrounded by music."

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Delgado is known on YouTube for his strumming and tapping technique on the acoustic guitar. He also does different mash ups where he takes another popular tune, like Shia LeBeouf's "Just Do It", and uses it in harmony with a song he had previously written.

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