Depressed Rescue Dog Faces the Wall After Being Denied By Shelter

But there's now good news for March the pit bull mix.

A rescued pit bull mix that was photographed staring sadly at a wall is now heading to a shelter - and hopefully a forever home.

Animal control officers picked up the pup, named March, from a back porch in a Philadelphia alleyway on March 6 and took him to Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT) Philly.

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But when staff later drove him to a shelter, March became uncomfortable around the other dogs inside the vehicle, Ame Dorminy from ACCT Philly told

"He was over stimulated by [other dogs] that were barking and it wasn’t going to work to transport them together," she said. "So they were going to drive him there the next day. After he already left for the transport, the shelter called and said they weren’t going to take him anymore."

That's when the heartbreaking photograph was taken.

"A volunteer from the shelter felt really bad for him," Dorminy said.

So she snapped the photo and a FOX29 news reporter, Dawn Timmeney, posted it to Facebook, where it has since been shared hundreds of times.

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But there's good news for March: another shelter has now agreed to take him and he'll be put up for adoption.

Dorminy says he'll no doubt make a great pet.

"He likes cuddling and belly rubs," she said. "He’s a mellow friendly guy."

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