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Viewers Claim ESPN Writer Fell Asleep During Live SportsCenter Interview

Brian Windhorst appears to nod off during a Tuesday TV appearance -- or was he just checking his notes?

An ESPN writer is fending off suggestions that he fell asleep during a live TV appearance after he appeared to nod off in a recent interview.

Brian Windhorst was chatting with ESPN anchor Cari Champion on Tuesday when viewers took to media to social media to point out his possible quick snooze.

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Right around when Champion asks Windhorst about a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the journalist appears to look down.

@SportsCenter @WindhorstESPN @vine checkin' his phone in his dreams.

March 30, 2016

@WindhorstESPN don't lie. You fell asleep. There is NO WAY you were checking a phone. Eyes closed, head went down, woke up confused.

March 30, 2016

@WindhorstESPN just say your eyes were hacked

March 30, 2016

Even after Champion finishes asking her question, Windhorst still doesn't look up.

"I think we got a technical difficulty," says a confused Champion.

Then, suddenly, Windhorst is back in the game and the interview is back on track.

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Windhorst swiftly responded the suggestions he was asleep by explaining that he was really just looking at his phone.

"When @AdamSchefter looks at his phone on TV he gets endorsement deals. When I do people think I have narcolepsy. #SportsCenterProblems," Windhorst tweeted on Tuesday.

So we're all on the same page here: @WindhorstESPN was checking his phone yesterday.

March 30, 2016

While ESPN came out to support Windhorst, as did Champion, a barrage of doubtful tweets appeared after the sportswriter's denial.

Most of them suggest a conspiracy was afoot, but Windhorst has stuck to his guns and even appeared in a video posted to the SportsCenter Twitter. 

In the video, Windhorst proclaims, "I have been wronged!" while showing off the three ESPN-issued cell phones he carries.

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