Top Chef Masters' Kelly Choi Shares Tips for a Cheap Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can fill your table with guests and empty your refrigerator of food. INSIDE EDITION shows you ways to serve a feast without breaking the bank.

An easy Thanksgiving feast, on the cheap!

Kelly Choi, the sassy host of Bravo's Top Chef Masters is an expert in saving money. Her first tip?

"Know your ingredients exactly and keep that list with you when you go shopping so that you really try to stick to it," Choi said.

You can even save money on the main dish. INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent found that out when he and Choi went shopping at a New York City Whole Foods.

"A nice, fat succulent turkey breast is definitely cheaper than buying the whole bird," Choi said.

Back in the kitchen, they pound the turkey breasts and layer them with a relish that actually does three jobs.

"Apple cranberry relish that serves also as a stuffing and cranberry sauce, so it's all together in one thing, which is major savings," Choi said.  

Then they roll up the turkey into roulades, which can be sliced into a filling meal for several people. Choi's frugal tip for sides is to choose vegetables that are in season.

"This cauliflower, this huge thing, is in season, and it was less than $3,"Choi explains.

When this thrifty Thanksgiving feast is ready for the table, everything, especially the turkey roulade, looks delicious.