Ivana Trump Says We Need Immigrants To Vacuum Our Living Rooms

Ivana also said that she and Donald still keep in touch.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, is raising eyebrows with her stance on immigration.

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"As long as you come here legally and get a proper job... We need immigrants. Who's going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don't like to do that," she said in an interview with the New York Post.

The 67-year-old, herself an immigrant from the former Czechoslovakia, was also asked about her ex-husband’s opinion on Mexican immigrants.

“I have nothing against Mexicans, but if they [come] here — like this 19-year-old, she’s pregnant, she crossed over a wall that’s this high,” she said. “She gives the birth in American hospital, which is for free. The child becomes American automatically. She brings the whole family, she doesn’t pay the taxes, she doesn’t have a job, she gets the housing, she gets the food stamps. Who’s paying? You and me.”

In the article, she said she and her ex, who were divorced in 1991, still keep in touch.

We speak before and after the appearances and he asks me what I thought,” she said.

She advises him to be calmer, but said he struggles to be.

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But while he may not be calming down, he is showing an apologetic side.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, he told anchor Chris Wallace he should never have retweeted the unflattering picture of Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi.

He called it "a mistake."

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