Judge Evicted 100-Year-Old Woman From Apartment For Being Loud and Messy

Evelyn Heller, 100 years old, has been booted from her apartment, accused of being too loud and too messy.

 A 100-year-old woman who says she has nowhere to go has been evicted from her California apartment for allegedly being loud and dirty.

Evelyn Heller represented herself at a court hearing in Palm Springs over an eviction notice served on her apartment.

“I’m 100 years old!” she shouted in court, The Desert Sun reported.  “And I don’t understand what they are talking about.”

100-year-old woman represents herself at eviction trial, gets booted from her home by judge. https://t.co/QfHYdgY00L pic.twitter.com/RAB1CGLHZ3

April 2, 2016


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Apartment manager Melody Morrison told the judge Heller kept the apartment in “deplorable conditions” and frequently had loud fights with one of her daughters.

Heller, after being sworn in, did a little hula dance while keeping her hand in the air, and later hung out by the judge’s bench instead of sitting at the defense table.

The eviction order was granted and Heller was ordered to pay $616 in prorated rent and more than $800 in court costs.

She has two weeks to get out.

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“I have four grandsons, but I don’t want to be dependent on them,” she told the judge. “I can’t be a burden to my family. They don’t have room for me. That happens in life.”

The attorney for the apartment owner, William Windham, said his client didn’t want to evict Heller, but it was necessary part of doing business.

“I’ve evicted people off of their death beds and regretted every second of the trial,” he told the judge. “But my job is, unfortunately, to set my feelings aside and do what my clients ask me to do."

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