Chauffeur Allegedly Attacks Motorist in Road Rage Video

No damage was done but the chauffeur has been fired.

A California man recorded a road rage incident after he says a chauffeur got out of his vehicle and hit his window with a crowbar.

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Driver Shahnam Asbaghi claims it started when the chauffeur who was driving a Yukon SUV rammed him from behind and then went ballistic after following him off an L.A. freeway on Tuesday afternoon.

“He comes out of his vehicle. When he reached my window, he cocks back and hits my window three or four times. He said a few 'F' words and got in his car and takes off,” Asbaghi told IE.

The unnamed chauffeur did not break the glass of Asbaghi’s car.

Asbaghi said he then followed the Yukon to get a license plate number, he says the driver stopped. Asbaghi said the chauffer then got out of his car and struck his window with a crowbar.

The crowbar did not break the window but Asbaghi was recording the whole time.

Asbaghi told IE: “I was terrified. I was in shock. So that's when I called 911.”

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He says police told himto follow the car and when cops arrived, Asbaghi showed them the video and made the two men exchange information. No arrests were made.

LAPD says they are reviewing the incident.

The car service has said that the driver has been fired.

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