Tearful Blind Elephant Mourns Her Best Friend's Death

An elephant sanctuary is doing all they can to assist her during this difficult time.

A blind elephant is mourning the loss of her best friend who passed away of old age.

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Jokia and Mae Perm were friends for 17 years inside Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. The two met when they were both rescued from forced labor and brought to the sanctuary two decades ago.

Last week, Mae Perm passed away of old age and Jokia has been mourning ever since.

The park said that Jokia stood over Mae Perm for nearly six hours and painfully moaned as her friend was laid to rest.

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The sanctuary has been doing all they can to assist Jokia through the difficult time.

The two elephants would do everything together and were inseparable in the sanctuary as they played together and roll around in water.

Jokia will now be with a new elephant family.

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