120-Pound Great Dane Somehow Scales 20-Foot Tree and Then Gets Stuck

Kora, a 120-pound Great Dane, went missing from her yard. Her owner never thought to look up while he was searching for her.

Wes McGuirk had looked seemingly everywhere, but still he couldn’t find his missing dog Kora, a lumbering Great Dane that weighs in at 120 pounds.

He and his roommates, armed with flashlights, had been scouring their Nebraska yard and neighboring areas for about 40 minutes on Saturday night. Then McGuirk heard whimpering, he told InsideEdition.com.

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As he stepped forward to investigate, he heard Kora’s muffled cries again. But now the sounds were above him.


Kora is a very good hunter, her owner says.

McGuirk trained his flashlight skyward and sure enough, there was Kora, 20 feet up in the air, cowering on the large branch of a tree.


Tonight, as we were covering the Louisville district, we received a call that was far from typical. We were advised that a dog was stuck about 20 feet up in a tree. Additional information was that the dog was a Great Dane that was about 120 pounds. While we were responding, we were admittedly somewhat skeptical. Upon arrival, sure enough, there she was. A 120 pound Great Dane about 20 feet up in the tree. After some quick game planning, and assistance from the Sheriff's Office K-9 Handler, we put our plan into action. The initial plan was to get a harness on the dog and see if he would follow a friend of the owner back down the tree. That didn't work to well. The next plan was to attach a long leash to the harness and lower the dog to the ground. During both plans, we had members on the ground holding a tarp to catch the dog if she would have fallen. As you can see in the video, the second option worked well enough to get her out of the tree unharmed. Big thanks to Elmwood Rescue, Cass County Sheriffs Deputies and the homeowners. This is one of those calls that had a great outcome and will not soon be forgotten.

Posted by Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department on Saturday, April 9, 2016


“I got a ladder,” he said, but he couldn’t reach her. And Kora, shivering and frightened, wasn’t about to move.

He has no idea what possessed her to climb that high, but guesses she may have been chasing a squirrel or a raccoon. “She’s a good hunter,” he said.

So he called the Cass County Sheriff’s Department, where deputies didn’t really believe him. But officers were dispatched and they, after taking a few cell phone images of Kora’s predicament, called the Fire Department. Firefighters, after taking a few cell phone images, called in an ambulance, a K-9 unit and a ladder truck.

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After much wrangling and plotting, a dog harness from the K-9 unit was put on Kora and rescuers slowly lowered her toward the ground, where a tarp was being held by friends, firefighters and other responders.

The harness snapped under Kora’s size and weight, but she landed safely on the tarp, with nary a scratch on her.

Though she was a bit freaked out by the adventure.

“I’ve never seen her do that,” said McGuirk, 47, who is a mail carrier. “Whatever she was after, it had to be something good.”

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