Canoodling Couple Unaware That an Armed Robbery Was Happening Inside Their Bar

The couple was oblivious to their surroundings, so much so that thieves made off with money.

A couple was kissing and getting close inside a Montana bar in the early hours of Monday morning and was oblivious that the joint was being robbed at gunpoint.

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Just after 1 a.m. at the Tap Inn in Billings, a couple was caught on surveillance cameras smooching and canoodling totally unaware that a robbery was happening right behind them.

Police say that a bartender and patrons reported two males and a female entered the bar with guns drawn. They were wearing bandanas and gloves to conceal their identity.

As the robbers made their way around the bar, the couple were locking lips the whole time and did not come up for air as the thieves made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Owner Chuck Rhodes, who has owned the bar for year-and-a-half, was not present at the time of the robbery, told that the theives "were here for less than a minute." 

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The thieves have not been identified and the investigation is still ongoing.

As for the unidentified couple, this is one date they won’t forget now that it has made headlines.

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