Remembering Actor Leslie Nielsen

Known for his classic comedy roles in such films as Airplane and The Naked Gun actor Leslie Neilsen died at the age of 84. INSIDE EDITION remembers the man who made everyone laugh.

Hollywood is remembering Leslie Nielsen today. Robert Hays starred with Nielsen in Airplane. He was the other half of that famous line when Hays's character said, "Surely you can't be serious."

Nielsen's character replies, "I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."

Actor Robert Hays remembers the comic legend, saying, "He was so much fun to work with."

Basketball great Kareem Abdul Jabar guest starred in Airplane, said, "When the cameras weren't rolling, he was this ridiculous practical joker."

And there is reaction from young Hollywood. Comedian Russell Brand tweeted: "RIP. Leslie Nielsen. Shirley, he will be missed."

Ryan Seacrest tweeted: "Sad to hear about Leslie Nielsen passing. To this day, "Airplane" is still one of my favorite comedies ever."

Nielsen began his career as a serous dramatic actor in movies like the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet.

But with Airplane, Nielsen was reborn as a comic actor. He spoke to INSIDE EDITION about it in 1991, saying, "They said, 'We want you,' I didn't say I could do it. They said 'We want you.' They opened the door and pushed me through it."

He went on to star in the Naked Gun as the bumbling Police Squad lieutenant Frank Drubin.

Ten years ago, we caught up with him on the golf course, where he was as charming and funny as ever. An actor, grateful for his talent and humbled by his success.

Hays said, "I will remember Leslie with a huge smile. He was so funny. He was so silly. He was just great."