Trump Hits Back After 'Apprentice' Stars Say He's 'Not Worthy' Of Being President

While some former contestants lashed out at Trump, Omarosa is standing by him.

Six of The Apprentice’s top contenders, including a former winner, have banded together to speak out against their former mentor – Donald Trump.

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Kwame Jackson, the runner up from the first season has joined forces with fellow contestants Randal Pinkett, Kevin Allen, Marshawn Daniels, Tara Dowdell and James Sun, who was runner-up on season two.

"I think he is a great, great person," Sun told INSIDE EDITION. "As an individual you want to hang out with him, but as president of the United States, I don't think he symbolizes what we are about." 

Dowdell, who runs her own marketing company, says she thinks the GOP frontrunner is “not worthy” of becoming president.

"You look at what has been happening at these rallies, the violence that has been taking place, the amount of vitriol, the racial dynamic that exists— I felt it was irresponsible of me, as someone who participated in The Apprentice to make it clear that this is not the type of behavior I condone," she said. 

Trump hit back, saying in a statement that the former apprentices are “six failing wannabes.”

“How quickly they forget. Nobody would know who they are if it weren't for me,” he said. “Total dishonesty and disloyalty.”

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Sun called Trump's response "silly."

"For him to even respond there is kind of silly," Sun said. "We are just six people working, we all have our own businesses, we are all successful in our own right. We are just viewing and coming out and saying: 'We like Donald Trump as an individual but not as president of the United States." 

But the most famous apprentice star of all  Omarosa Manigault  is sticking with Trump.

"I am really surprised," she told IE of hearing about some of her fellow former Apprentice contenders' statements. "We are a family, we can disagree. They support Hillary Rodham Clinton. I support Donald J. Trump, simple as that." 

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