Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With Student On Night of Her Husband's Bachelor Party

Sara Domres, 29, and the 16-year-old boy allegedly called each other "baby boo."

A Wisconsin high school teacher is facing charges of sexual assault following an alleged sexual relationship with a student, including on the night of her husband's bachelor's party.

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Sara Domres, a 29-year-old former teacher at the New Berlin West High School, was charged last week for sexual assault of a student by school staff following an alleged relationship with a 16-year-old lasting approximately ten months.

According to the criminal complaint, the sophomore was in Domres' English class, where they became fast friends, and texted each other frequently, the police report stated.

During their relationship, lasting between April 2015 and January 2016, they reportedly exchanged over 1,100 messages. One of the many text messages said, "I love being your baby boo. (heart emoji) run away with me!!! I want you forever," according to the criminal complaint.

According to the police statement, the boy was allegedly "a virgin prior to having sexual intercourse" with the teacher.

One of the counts she is being charged with was for an encounter in Domres' car in a park-and-ride lot in July, according to the criminal complaint. The boy was 16 at the time.

The other count she is being charged with responded to their encounter in a Motel 6, where she had paid for a single bed with cash, and it was discovered that the boy's phone was connected to the WiFi on the same day, authorities said.

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According to police, a message was sent the night before: "You're extremely attractive to me!!! I can't wait for our night we are doing it no matter what!!!"

However, the boy as well as witnesses reportedly told the police that the couple had sex more frequently than the two instances. According to WISN, they even had sex on the night of Domres' now-husband's bachelor party.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Domres was married in August, in the midst of her relationship with the student.

The police report also said that the couple had passed handwritten notes "of a sexual nature" to each other. One of them allegedly read: "I want to do you (smiley face) NOW!!"

According to a police report, three juveniles reported the relationship on January 16.

Police later uncovered multiple Internet searches from the student's phone from the previous day, the police report stated. One was a Yahoo search for, "how to delete a sent snapchat?" Another was a google search for "what evidence does a judge need to charge a teacher with sexual assault."

The school had reportedly discovered the relationship sometime in January and she was immediately let go.

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Domres was released on $1,000 bail following the arrest, on the condition that she has "no contact with victim/witness/and family members, New Berlin West High School, students or staff listed in the Criminal Complaint," the Wisconsin Circuit Court noted on their website.

She has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and her next hearing is on May 4.

Her attorney has not yet provided a comment.

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