Beauty Queen Steals Parade Spotlight From Miss USA

INSIDE EDITION sits down with Miss USA and Miss New York after the Thanksgiving Day parade incident that made headlines when Miss New York jumped on Miss USA's float.

Brace yourself for a frosty collision between Miss USA and the rival beauty queen who tried to steal her thunder.

Why is Miss USA, Rima Fakih so upset with Miss New York, Davina Reeves? Because Reeves took it upon herself to join Fakih aboard her float at the world famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...uninvited!

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "What was that all about, sneaking into the parade?"

Miss New York said, "It was all in fun."

Trent asked, "For whom?"

It's front-page news in the Big Apple, where Miss New York Davina Reeves was dubbed "Miss Demeanor."

Together they waved to the crowds, and even shared an embrace! And only Reeves is wearing a crown!

And even when Reeves was kicked off the float, she strutted the streets of New York like a true diva!

While watching the video with Fakih, Trent said, "She does not belong there."

Fakih said, "She's having fun."

Fakih insisted that she was not upset by what happened, though she did joke about a potential wrestling match with Reeves.

"If she can pull this off tonight in the ring at the WWE," joked Fakih.

While Trent and Fakih looked at videos and photos, Reeves was in our studio being made up. So a clash of the queens was inevitable.

When Fakih saw Reeves in INSIDE EDITION's newsroom, she said, "Well, it's the former Miss New York. But she didn't sneak into the studio, did she?"

"No, she was invited," said Trent.

Reeves said, "Hi Rima!"

And Fakih got in a parting shot to Reeves, whose reign came to an end on Sunday night, saying, "I want to wish you good luck since I know you're giving up your crown."

Fakih left too fast for Reeves to reply, but here's what she'd like her to know, from one queen to another.

"I love you and I am so sorry if I crashed your party," said Reeves.

Reeves admits she wanted to "go out with a bang" during her last weekend with her crown.