Reactions to Oscar&#174 Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Reactions pour in over the surprise choice of James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting this year's Academy Awards®. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Anne Hathaway is talking about the surprising news that she's co-hosting the Oscars® with James Franco.

"I can probably let it slip that I'm terrified, and exhilarated and excited," said Hathaway.

The 28-year-old star was reportedly on the fence about whether to accept the Oscar® gig and waited until the last minute to make her decision.

"She literally agreed to be co-host on Sunday night." (Source:

Academy Awards® producers saw Anne on Saturday Night Live and decided that she had the broad talent to handle the singing and comedy of the live Oscar® broadcast.

Now the airwaves are buzzing with reaction to the Franco-Hathaway news.

Joy Behar said on The View, "They're good-looking and they're talented. I'd like to see them make out but I don't know about hosting, because you need a comedian to host that show."

We caught up with Star Jones at a Duracell event in New York who said, "Anne Hathaway has become really one of my favorites. I think she can do comedy and drama, and so the two of them together, I think, will be a lot of fun."