The World's Bravest Dog

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a Golden Retriever who saved her young owner from a cougar attack. 

"She is my guardian angel," says 11-year-old Austin Forman of his brave Golden Retriever, Angel. She saved his life and got some horrific scars battling a vicious cougar.
The drama unfolded as Austin was bringing in firewood. Suddenly, he was attacked by the hungry cougar. The 18-month old dog bravely battled the cougar beneath some stairs; the bloodstains are still visible.

"I didn't know what was going to happen to her if she was going to live or not because Angel's head was right in the cougar's mouth," exclaimed Austin.

Austin's mom called the police, who shot the cougar at close range.  Angel was unconscious, but miraculously, she came around on her own.

"Even though she was hurt, she made sure I was okay after this all happened," said Austin.

Angel was sent to recover at an animal hospital near Vancouver, Canada after surgery. Austin can't wait to be reunited with his guardian angel.

"She saved my life," Austin tells INSIDE EDITION. He will always be grateful to his guardian Angel.