16-Year-Old New York Girl Believed to Be Kidnapped Allegedly Staged Abduction: Report

The 16-year-old was found Tuesday.
Police Handout

Police now say the teen, Karol Sanchez, 16, is back home with her mother.

A teen feared to have been abducted by a group of men as she walked with her mother along a New York sidewalk in a disturbing incident that was caught on video is now believed to have orchestrated the kidnapping, according to reports.

Karol Sanchez, 16, and her mom were walking along Eagle Avenue near East 156th Street in the Bronx late Monday when a sedan stopped alongside them, two of the four men in the car jumped out and dragged the girl back with them into their vehicle before driving off, police initially said.

Sanchez's mother was pushed to the ground during the incident, according to police, who released surveillance footage of the incident to the public.

The girl's alleged abduction sparked an Amber Alert and made national headlines. Authorities also offered a $2,500 reward for any tips that led to her being found. 

On Tuesday officials said Sanchez had been located and was safe. 

“WE HAVE A VICTORY TODAY,” NYPD Deputy Inspector Robert M. Gallitelli tweeted after the teen was found. “Karol Sanchez has been located in the Bronx, she is safe and unharmed.”

But sources told CBS New York that Sanchez suddenly showed back up at the scene and turned herself into police at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. After the teen was brought in for questioning, investigators determined Sanchez allegedly staged the kidnapping because she was angry with her mother, The New York Times reported.

Sanchez's family was debating moving back to their native Honduras and Sanchez, who a police official said described her mother as "overprotective," did not want to go, the Times wrote. 

The investigation into the case is ongoing and police are reportedly still deciding whether Sanchez or the men will face criminal charges.