Suzanne Somers Reveals Who She'd Like To Play Her Character in 'Three's Company' Movie

Somers says she's surprised it took so long to make a movie about the hit show.

With the classic sitcom Three's Company now being rebooted as a movie, Suzanne Somers is speaking out for the first time.

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“It's an iconic show,” she told IE. “I'm surprised it took them so long.”

Somers rocketed to fame as ditsy blonde Chrissy in the 1970ss and became a worldwide sex symbol.

The list of who might play her includes Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Lawrence.

Somers said: “I love the work of Jennifer Lawrence. She's such an incredible actress and could really pull it off.”

The 69-year-old is pitching her own favorite - her 20-year-old granddaughter, Camelia Somers, who now appears on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The proud grandma said: “She's the right age and she looks like me and she's super-talented, so who knows?”

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As far as the other Three's Company characters, played by Joyce Dewitt and the late John Ritter, Somers had a confession.

“I only thought (about) who could play me,” she said. “I haven't given the other two a moment's thought.”

She said she would even be up for a cameo in the reboot of the show.

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