911 Calls Released in Ohio Family Murder Horror: 'There's Blood All Over The House'

As investigators begin piecing together the mystery of who killed eight members of a rural Ohio family, a startling 911 call has been released.

As investigators begin piecing together the mystery of who killed eight members of a rural Ohio family, the startling first 911 call has been released.

In the chilling recording, a woman who identifies herself as Bobby tell dispatchers that she's found her own brother-in-law and cousin apparently dead in a Pike County home some 70 miles from Cincinnati. 

"I think they are both dead," she said frantically. "It looks like some(one) beat the crap out of them, and I came in and they were laying on the floor."

Bobby said she let herself in to feed the dogs and chickens, as she did most days.

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"There's blood all over the house," Bobby told dispatchers. Little did she know, there would be five more members of the Rhoden family discovered dead from bullets to the head on Friday.

Per the Associated Press, those victims were:

Forty-year-old Christopher Rhoden Sr.; his 16-year-old son, Christopher Rhoden Jr.; 44-year-old Kenneth Rhoden; 38-year-old Gary Rhoden; 20-year-old Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden; 20-year-old Hannah Gilley; and 19-year-old Hanna Rhoden.

Three small children--one baby was just a few days old and asleep beside mother Hanna Rhoden--survived the horror.

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Days into the investigation, police in Pike County had yet to publicly shed light on a possible motive or announce the capture of any suspects.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader provided little update from the ongoing investigation into the execution-style killings on Saturday, other than to say it's in its "early stages, and no arrests have been made."

While police reportedly detained a “person of interest” in Chillicothe, 40 miles from the horror scenes, on Friday for questioning, DeWine said the person was one of 30 people interviewed in connection with the case.

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