Two Oscar®-buzz Premieres on the Same Night

New York was buzzing over Natalie Portman at the premiere of Black Swan, while Hollywood was lit up by Halle Berry at the premiere of Frankie and Alice. INSIDE EDITION has the latest as the Oscar® race heats up.

It's Halle vs. Natalie. Both stars are getting major Oscar® buzz, and both held premieres on the very same night.

In New York, Natalie Portman went glam in a black off-the-shoulder gown and bold red lipstick, for the premiere of Black Swan in which she plays a troubled ballerina.

She also shares a steamy on-screen kiss with a rival ballerina played by Mila Kunis.

Portman said, "It's part of the film, you know, I think it's a crucial part of the story."

Natalie dropped 20 pounds to get that ballerina look. She did it by working out five hours a day and eating a 1,200 calorie a day diet.

Across the USA in Los Angeles, Halle Berry walked the red carpet in a gold and black '70's style suit for the premiere of Frankie & Alice, which takes place in the 1970's.

She plays a woman afflicted with multiple personality disorder. One of her alter egos is a stripper, another is actually a racist white woman.

She talked to INSIDE EDITION about all that Oscar® buzz, saying, "You know there's a lot of pressure that comes with that big "O" word, but if it gets people interested in seeing the movie, I'm happy about that."