Kelly Ripa Under Fire For Her 'Live!' Speech

Some pundits are calling what she did 'selfish.'

Kelly Ripa is being slammed by some for the way she reacted to news co-host Michael Strahan is leaving Live! for Good Morning America.

New York Post columnist Kylie Smith wrote: “It seems that the more you get paid, the more entitled, irresponsible and unprofessional you get to be.”

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Don Kalplan of the New York Daily News wrote: “It was selfish and something that would be expected from a 7-year-old — not a grownup.”

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter disagrees.

“She is showing her strength. When I see her I think of a muscle emoji. She is showing power," he told IE. "Kelly chose her words carefully. She believes she is an example of something we have seen many times -- a female star being mishandled by mostly male executives.”

On Wednesday’s show, it was back to business, as Ripa and Strahan walked out hand in hand and did not address the controversy.

Behind the scenes, there is clear tension.

Bellamy Young was the first guest after Ripa returned on Tuesday. The Scandal star spoke to Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny.

"They were tense, bless their hearts," Young told McCarthy. "Backstage there was some tension because it could have gone any way, but once it got underway it was beautiful. You know, Kelly gave a monologue and she got to clear the air. They're professional people."

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Strahan is leaving the show in just two weeks. Some insiders think that's good for ABC and the future of Live!

“It gives them time to try out people over the summer instead of having to wait until the fall,” Stelter said.

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