Charlie Sheen's Sedan Found Mysteriously Flipped in a Ravine

Authorities found Charlie Sheen's sedan upside-down in a ravine in the middle of the night, with no one inside. The actor was asleep at what happened to the car? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Actor Charlie Sheen's Mercedes sedan was found upside-down in a ravine near his Los Angeles home.

How it got down the 300-foot cliff is a mystery that unfolded just before dawn on February 5th.

The vehicle went over a steep embankment and into deep brush. Police and fire crews were called to the scene, but no one was found inside.

The battered car was hauled inch by inch up the side of the ravine.

Parts of a headlight and signal light were found on Mulholland Drive, suggesting the vehicle was damaged before it went sailing off the cliff.

Fire crews reached the vehicle and found a key still in the ignition. They began searching for a body.

Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion Chief John Biggs tells INSIDE EDITION, "We did a search of the perimeter around it and underneath the vehicle using our heat-sensing cameras, they came back up the hill, we found nothing,"

Sheen lives in a gated community above Beverly Hills, less than a mile from where the vehicle was found. He first discovered it was missing around 4 a.m. when his security company called to say it was involved in an accident and airbags had been deployed.

The vehicle's exact location was established by the on-board GPS system.

Sheen told reporters he was sleeping when the theft occurred. He had returned home at 10:30 p.m. after a day of shooting Two and a Half Men.

"It was nice to have police come to my house and for once I didn't have to leave with them," he joked

Sheen is due to appear in court in Aspen, Colorado on February 8th to face possible felony charges for allegedly threatening his wife Brooke Mueller with a knife over a Christmas Day dispute.

Sheen denies he threatened his wife.