Audio Experts Weigh In on Britney Tape

Britney Spears says it's not her voice on the recording that claims her boyfriend abused her. INSIDE EDITION talks to audio experts who analyze the recording.

It's all lies! That's what Britney Spears is saying about those disturbing phone recordings purportedly between her and ex-husband Jason Alexander.

The pop star took to her Twitter writing: Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars, Ya'll can kiss my lily white southern Louisiana (bleep)!

So are the recordings real or fake? Is that really Spears' voice claiming she was beaten by her current boyfriend, Hollywood super-agent Jason Trawick?

We asked audio experts in New York and Los Angeles to analyze the tape. They compared previous interviews with Spears with the voice on the tape released by Radar Online.

New York sound engineer George Nivkor and his colleagues reached a split decision on the authenticity of the tapes.

"I took four different guys. Three of them said yes its Britney Spears, the fourth said he's not convinced in either direction," Nivkor said.

"If you line it up it's pretty obvious. Anybody with a set of ears can tell that it sounds like the same person," he added.

Kent Gibson from Forensic Audio in Los Angeles put the tapes through computer software analysis and came up with an entirely different result.

"There's a very high degree of probability that the Radar Online recording is not a recording of Britney Spears," Gibson said.