John Kasich Quits GOP Presidential Race, Leaving Only Donald Trump

GOP presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich calls it quits.

Long-shot Republican candidate Gov. John Kasich of Ohio called it quits Wednesday evening, leaving Donald Trump as the only GOP runner for president.

"I have always said that the Lord has a purpose for me as he has for everyone," Kasich said in Columbus. "And as I suspend my campaign today, I have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the Lord will show me the way forward, and fulfill the purpose of my life."

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The moderate candidate had fundraisers scheduled for later Wednesday, but changed his mind at the Columbus airport and called together his closest friends, CNN reported, citing an unnamed source.

Kasich said he no longer felt like pursuing the nomination, and his advisers told him to trust his instincts, the cable network reported.

"To my supporters, from the bottom of my heart, thank you," Kasich said as he suspended his campaign.

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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas dropped out  of the race Tuesday night, after an overwhelming defeat in the Indiana primary.

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