Journalist Who Vowed To Eat His Column if Trump Won The Nomination Keeps His Promise

Dana Milbank from the Washington Post is now asking for recipes for newspaper.

One journalist will soon be eating his words thanks to Donald Trump’s presumptive GOP nomination.

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Last October, like most pundits, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank confidently predicted the bombastic billionaire's campaign was doomed.

"Trump Will Lose, Or I Will Eat This Column," was the headline.

Milbank wrote: "I’m so certain Trump won't win the nomination that I’ll eat my words if he does. Literally: the day Trump clinches the nomination I will eat the page on which this column is printed."

Now, Milbank’s words are coming back to bite him.

“I've long been a consumer of news, now, I’ll take it a step further and be an actual consumer of newsprint,” he told IE. "I am going to eat the paper." 

His less-than-mouthwatering meal is scheduled for next week.

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"I have been told that the ink may be toxic, there may be some heavy metals in there. Some of the readers have advised me to soak the newspaper in alcohol and I can just have my newspaper tequila," he said. 

Milbank has made a video in anticipation of the meal made of paper and ink. He asked readers for recipes on how to devour his material.

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