This 9-Year-Old Girl With A Very Big Heart Makes Care Packages For The Homeless

A 9-year-old California girl wanted to do something to help the homeless.

On the way to elementary school, Khloe Thompson marveled at all the grown-ups living in tents in a park and sprawled on the grass in sleeping bags.

"We passed a lot of homeless people," her mother, Alisha, told "She would ask me 'Why are they there? Why are they sleeping on the ground?'''

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Nine-year-old Khloe has always been an inquisitive child, and an outgoing one, who would walk up to total strangers and start a conversation. "She's very personable," her mom said. "She was always friendly to everybody ... It used to scare me to death," she said with a laugh.

"How can I help the homeless people?" Khloe wanted to know. So mom and daughter put their heads together.

What do you think homeless people need? Alisha asked her daughter. 

"Well," Khloe replied, "I guess they can't take showers."


So they would need soap and washcloths and things like that, her mother suggested. Khloe especially wanted to help women. The list grew to deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, lotion and feminine hygiene products. Then they needed something to put the items in. 

"My grandmother is a seamstress," Alisha said. "She's always had scraps of material lying around. She was already teaching Khloe how to sew."

Thus, the pair began sewing cloth bags - quite nice ones, by the way - in which they deposited the personal care essentials. For a time, Alisha bought the items herself. Then she and her husband posted to social media about Khloe's care packages for the homeless.

"People started coming to my work and dropping off bags of stuff," Alisha said. "We have huge boxes of stuff donated to our door," she said.

Now they have a GoFundMe page, where people can donate funds toward stuffing the bags, which Khloe delivers on her way to and from school, with her mother a few paces behind, keeping watch.

They live in Placentia, California, just outside Los Angeles County. They've visited downtown L.A.'s Skid Row to distribute bags, and to the L.A. Mission, a large soup kitchen and shelter. 

All told, in the year they've been doing this, Alisha estimates they've given away more than 200 bags.

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Khloe, with a child's enthusiasm, says she will do this forever, or at least until all homeless people "get back on their feet."

Seeing so many on the way to school made her want to help, she said. She began to recognize faces - the same ones, again and again - who never went home because they didn't have one. 

So how does she offer one of her bags?

"I introduce myself and I say, 'This is for you,''' she replied.

And then what happens?

"They say 'Thank you,' and 'God bless you' and they give me hugs."

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