Donald Trump is Seen Having Lunch With Journalist At Odds With Hillary Clinton

Did Trump meet with Ed Klein to get inside tips on Clinton?

Donald Trump was recently seen having lunch in Indianapolis with Ed Klein, the controversial author who has penned books that are critical of Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as Barack and Michelle Obama.

So was Trump looking for inside dirt on Hillary?

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Not according to Klein, whose books include, "The Amateur: Barack Obama" and "Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary."

In an online column posted on Newsmax, Klein discussed his lunch with the GOP presidential candidate.

"He had a Reuben sandwich without the bread, and before you could say corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, the media were making a mouthful out of nothing," Klein wrote.

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"The subject of Hillary Clinton didn't come up once during our lunch," he said.

Instead, Trump was focused on winning Tuesday's Indiana primary, Klein said, and not being caught on camera eating a sandwich with a knife and fork— a calamity that befell John Kasich when he was photographed eating pizza with cutlery.

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