Katy Perry Channels Jessica Rabbit to Salute the Troops

Singer Katy Perry stole the show at the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops in a slinky red dress inspired by Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoon star Jessica Rabbit. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's Katy Perry as Jessica Rabbit!

Perry turned up the heat for a USO special VH1 Divas Salute the Troops. Her figure-hugging va-va-voom dress, slit to the hip, is a replica of the gown worn by the voluptuous cartoon character.

Host Kathy Griffin, who just turned 50, came onstage in a bikini. But the audience, all United States service men and women, booed when she made fun of Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

"She's the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight. She gained like 30 pounds a week. I swear to God, it was fantastic...she's like the white Precious."

Bristol is also coming under fire from fellow Dancing with the Stars contestant, Margaret Cho. The comedian is claiming on her blog that Sarah Palin forced Bristol to do the show:

"Sarah supposedly blames Bristol harshly and openly (in the circles that I heard it from) for not winning the election, and so she told Bristol she "owed" it to her to do DWTS so that 'America would fall in love with her again' and make it possible for Sarah Palin to run in 2012 with America behind her all the way."

Bristol fired back on her Facebook page, writing:

"Let me be blunt: my mom did not 'force' me to go on DWTS.  She did not ask me either.  The show approached me.  I thought about it.  I made the decision."