Cop Issues Ticket to Himself After Town Complains About His Poor Parking

In response to a man's complaints about the chief of police's parking habits, cops uploaded a photo of a paid receipt of a ticket he issued himself.

When a cop was called out for improper parking, he decided it was only fair to write himself a ticket.

Earlier this week, a Florida man wrote a Facebook post that was shared more than 400 times in less than 24 hours about his grievances against his local police department.

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Included in David Bires' post was pictures of what he alleged to be the Groveland Police Department's chief of police’s car blocking a sidewalk, even though the department routinely issues tickets to people who do the same thing.

"He does that all the time!" one woman commented. 

The Groveland Police Department has since responded to the instance in a Facebook post of their own, including a paid receipt of the parking ticket that Chief Melvin Tennyson wrote for his own violation, in acknowledgement of his mistake.

He wrote in an accompanying statement that he was taking a meeting at City Hall and thought he had parked far enough from the sidewalk.

A road supervisor later told him, as he was leaving his meeting, that he was "blocking part of the walkway alongside City Hall." 

Agreeing with the man, Tennyson continued that he “voluntarily paid the $45 parking violation fee” after issuing himself a ticket. 

The police department affirmed alongside an image of the reciept that: "Chief Tennyson has since paid for the violation. Attached is a copy of the receipt and the Chiefs response and email to the City Manager and City Council."

“We enforce our parking violations as well as all laws and city ordinances,” the police chief continued in the statement. “I cannot therefore hold anyone accountable until I hold myself accountable and as I have always said it starts at the top.” 

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One person commented on the police department's Facebook post: "Thanks for being honest and setting a good example for his community."

Bires has also acknowledged the Groveland Police Department's response by including a link to an article over the ordeal in the comments of his original post.

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