Watch Farmer Rescue Trapped Baby Alpaca While Mother Paces and Frets in Viral Video

Adorable video shows farmer using shovel to dig baby alpaca from badger hole.

Alpaca in the hole!

Farmer John Govin of Govin's Farm in Wisconsin had been searching for a baby alpaca that had been missing for 24 hours. 

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After literally stumbling upon a badger hole, Govin found the one-week-old animal stuck inside. The baby's head was about two inches below ground level.

"I've been around livestock all my life and I never have seen anything like it," he told He tried to pull out the little creature, but it wouldn't budge.


The farmer went to fetch a shovel and started digging around the trapped mammmal as its mother paced in a circle around her offspring and peered into the hole.

The woolly mother made a humming-like noise and the baby made bleating-like sounds as Govin continued to dig. Alpacas, domesticated South American animals that resemble llamas, are used to herd sheep and are bred for their coats, which are shorn and spun into rugs, garments and other products.

At first, Govin said, he feared a predator had dragged the young animal into the hole and killed it.

But the baby was fine, although still a bit wobbly when it came to standing and walking.

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After digging for a while, Govin  who also raises sheep and sells berries to tourists — was finally able to pull the tiny alpaca out by its neck and foot. 

After mom and baby sniffed each other nose-to-nose, they turned tails and ambled off, leaving Govin with a rather large hole to fill. 

Govin posted the video on Facebook, where it of course went viral, garnering more than 950,000 views. 

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