Woman Finds Her Doppelganger While Shopping on Amazon

When Katie Morrow went on Amazon to look for red hair dye, she found something else entirely.

When Katie Morrow went on Amazon to look for red hair dye, she found something else entirely.

After clicking on a review for a hair product, she discovered a woman who looked just like her, Paula Petra from Atlanta, Georgia.

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"My initial thought when I saw Paula's review on the L'Oreal Hi Color that I wanted was, "this girl kind of looks like me, so this is what I would look like, more or less, with this hair color,'" Morrow, from New Milford, Connecticut, said. "So I mass texted the picture to my friends and family to get their opinion on the color." 

But they all thought it was her in the picture.

"I showed my husband, who thought I had used an App that changed my hair color," she said. "My cousin Amy thought that I had dyed my hair and sent her a picture of the result."

Her friends encouraged her to contact Twin Strangers, a website that seeks to match people with their doppelgangers. Twin Strangers then flew Petra from Atlanta to meet Morrow in Connecticut.

When the women saw each other, they shared a hug and noted how they were wearing a similar top.

"Did you get yours at Kohl's?" Morrow asked. "I got mine at Kohl's."

"I did get mine at Kohl's!" Petra responded, laughing.

They discovered they love the same bands and food. "Just the smallest things, the weirdest things that we could have in common, we have in common," Petra said.

Now, the women are wondering if they have other lookalikes. According to Twin Strangers, everyone has seven doppelgangers in the world.

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"I might" continue looking, Petra said, "or maybe just see if they find me again."

But even if they don't find any others, the women are happy to have found each other. Morrow said she believes they'll be life-long friends.

"It was like instant kinship, like we'd known each other forever," she said. "I think this hair dye is definitely a lucky charm."

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