Officials Say Kissing Cops Treated Unequally

After being caught kissing on a patrol car dashcam, a Police Chief was allowed to retire with full benefits while the female cop was fired. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's shocking video from inside a police patrol car of a female cop kissing and cuddling with the Chief of Police, who's behind the wheel.

It happened in Perry Township, outside Cleveland, Ohio.

The police chief, 58-year-old Timothy Escola, took pretty 31-year-old cop Janine England on a day-long trip to pick up a burglary suspect in Cincinnati.

Dash cam video shows them caressing and kissing for the four-hour drive back to Cleveland, even as the suspect sat calmly in the back seat.

When they were busted, the married police chief was allowed to retire and keep his pension. But the kissing female officer was fired.

Now federal officials have ruled she was improperly dismissed, and the town may have to pay her at least $100,000.

England's attorney Avery Friedman told INSIDE EDITION, "The federal law requires that she be treated in a fashion no differently than the men are treated, and that's what the case is about."

But that's not all. The suspect in the backseat is suing for one million dollars, claiming all that highway canoodling put his life in danger.