Couple Claims to Have the Tidiest House in America

Alejandra and Ed Costello invite you into their pristine home.

One Virginia couple might have the tidiest home in the country.

Alejandra Costello and her husband, Ed, pride themselves on how perfectly organized they keep their home.

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“We probably have the most organized and neatest home in America,” she told Inside Edition. “I organize everything by category and then by color.”

Alejandra’s grandmother helped her write all of the labels for the items in the home and office.

This isn't something new to Alejandra; she has been organizing for as long as she can remember.

She said: “Ever since I was a kid, I have been organizing my bedroom, every time we'd go to the grocery store, I’d call the pantry, I’d say, "I’m doing the pantry!’”

She loves organizing so much, the family has made it into a business. She has her own YouTube channel where she shows people how they can get their houses as tidy as hers.

“I had so much fun organizing all my drawers and closets and my husband said, ‘you love to do this,’” she admitted.

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If you were starting to feel bad about your house, rest assured, even the Costello's have moments of untidiness.

The entrepreneur admitted: “Our house does get messy at times and there are days where dishes will sit in the sink overnight.”

For more information on Alejandra, visit her website and Facebook page.

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