EgyptAir Plane Parts and Passengers' Belongings Found in Mediterranean Sea: Authorities

The wreckage was found 180 miles north of the coastal city of Alexandria.

Parts of the EgyptAir flight 804 jet that crashed Thursday has been found in the Mediterranean Sea along with items belonging to passengers, the Egyptian military said Friday.

The Egyptian military said in a statement that the wreckage, which included parts of the plane's fuselage, was found 180 miles north of the coastal city of Alexandria.

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"Search efforts continue, and rescue teams are collecting whatever objects that are being found," Egypt's military said in a statement posted online.

Greece's defense minister said Friday that Egyptian forces also saw a body part in the water, as well as two plane seats and suitcases.

"We were informed (by Egyptian authorities) that a body part, two seats and one or more items of luggage where found in the search area," Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos said at a news conference, AFP reported.

The airline has not issued its own statement confirming the reports.

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The plane was carrying 66 people, including 10 crew members, when it left Paris for Cairo last Wednesday night. It vanished from radar early Thursday.

On Thursday, an Egyptian official said the possibility that the crash was caused by a terror attack was "higher than the possibility of a technical failure."

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