Flight Attendant Aboard EgyptAir Flight Posted Eerie Image of Plane Crash Years Before Tragedy

Two years before a doomed flight would claim the life of Samar Eldin and 65 others, she posted an eerie photo 2 years ago foreshadowing the situation.

A chilling photo posted by one of the victims of EgyptAir Flight MS804 nearly two years ago is making the rounds on social media following the devastating crash.

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The image, posted by flight attendant Samar Eldin, was posted in September 2014 to her Facebook page. The image shows a different flight attendant with a bag, calmly standing in water as a plane crashes behind her.

Debris and body parts discovered in the Mediterranean Sea have been confirmed to be from the doomed flight that crashed near the Greek island of Crete Thursday morning.

Investigators are backtracking the jet's itinerary for the last week, which includes takeoffs and landings in terrorism hotspots like Tunisia and Brussels.

Of the 66 people on board, 56 of the passengers came from 12 different countries including 30 from Egypt, 15 from France, two from Iraq, two from Canada, other came from the U.K., Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan, Chad and Portugal.

There were also seven crew members and three Egyptian security staff members on the flight.

Marwa Hamdy was an executive at IBM. The mother of three was originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, and was relocated to Cairo.


She had been visiting family in Paris, according to a family friend.

Following the news of two Canadians perishing in the crash, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted:

Ahmed Helal managed one of Procter and Gamble’s plants in France. The Egyptian native was 40 years old.

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Richard Osman, 40, grew up in Wales before moving to the island of Jersey in the United Kingdom. The geologist and father of two, was of Egyptian heritage.

A colleague of Osman's paid respects to his friend on Facebook:

Pilot and Captain Mohamed Said Ali Ali Shoukair, 37, had been promoted just four days before his fatal final flight. 

According to reports, the captain was an experienced pilot that had 6,275 flying hours under his belt. More than 2,100 of those hours were in an Airbus 806 like the one that crashed.

According to friends, Captain Shoukair’s co-pilot, Mohamed Mamdough Assem, had always dreamed of being a co-pilot.

His Facebook page showed his love of the skies. By Thursday night, it turned into a memorial for him.

A family of four from France also perished in the crash. The family, which has not yet been identified, were from the city of Angers. The parents were in their early 40s and had two children with them. One of the children, according to reports, was an infant.

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