Uber Driver Accused of Murder is Dragged Out of Court After Lunging at Sobbing Witness

Tiana Carruthers broke down during the dramatic incident at Jason Dalton's pre-trial hearing.

The Michigan Uber driver accused of murdering six people was dragged out of court Friday after lunging at one of his surviving victims as she testified.

Tiana Carruthers, who was shot four times as she shielded a group of children when Jason Dalton allegedly opened fire in Kalamazoo on February 20, wailed uncontrollably on the witness stand as Dalton was carried out.

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The dramatic scene unfolded during Dalton's pre-trial hearing. 

Carruthers, 25, who continues to recover from her wounds, needed help to walk to the stand Friday.

As she testified, Dalton, 45, started speaking about "black bags" and mumbling. When the judge told him he could only whisper to his attorney, he continued talking out loud.

Carruthers struggled to keep her composure and was ultimately unable to answer the prosecutor's questions. Dalton was restrained by deputies and taken from the room.

The hearing later resumed but Dalton was not allowed to return to the courtroom. Instead, he was forced to follow the proceedings on a closed circuit television link as he was flanked by two deputies.

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"I can never forget his face ever," Carruthers told the court after she returned to the stand.

Dalton is accused of killing six people and injuring two others, including Carruthers, in the shootings at three different locations in February. Last month, he was found mentally competent to stand trial.

Following the pre-trial hearing, Judge Christopher Haenicke will decide whether there's probable cause to send Dalton to trial on charges of murder and attempted murder.

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