Woman Gets Stuck in Chimney in Attempt to Get Inside After Losing Her House Keys

A Pomona, California, woman crawled inside her home's chimney, after she reportedly couldn't get in through the door.

A California woman was rescued from inside her home's chimney last week after she lost her house keys.

Ana Moreno of Pomona was coming home from a friend's house Friday when she realized she couldn't get inside. 

That's when she made the ill advised decision to gain entry Santa Claus-style.

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"I guess she forgot her keys, and she thought she was skinny enough to fit in the chimney,” Ana's sister, Ivanna Moreno, told KCBS.

Luckily, neighbors heard Moreno's screams for help and called authorities.

LA County Fire officials arrived and began the process of getting Moreno out, one brick at a time.

Moreno was finally pulled out, covered in soot, after five hours.

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She was taken to an area hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and released Friday night.

While most people might see the dangers of wriggling down a chimney, people get stuck in them surprisingly often.

Just two days before Moreno's ordeal, 29-year-old Jordan Kajewski was charged with trespassing after firefighters cut him out of a chimney in Iowa, authorities said.

Kajewski claimed he'd been playing hide and seek with his cousin.

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