Girl Loses Control on Hoverboard, Slams Into Wall: 'I Seriously Can't Stop!'

What started out with a girl's desperate plea for help ended with a hole in the wall.

What started off as an innocent learning experience on a hoverboard ended violently with a crash — and a hole in the wall.

In a video posted to YouTube, a little girl is seen squatting on a hoverboard, spinning around in a circle with no signs of stopping as another girl looks on.

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“I seriously can’t stop,” the girl on the board can be heard saying.

When the onlooker tried to help, the girl on the board loses control and spins in a larger circle on the floor, eventually speeding out of the shot and into a wall with a crash.

The video then cuts to a shot of the hole in the wall, presumably made by the impact.

Hoverboards have made headlines for mishaps people have had while riding them – just ask Mike Tyson.

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