Investigation Appears to Have Unraveled Hair-Raising Mystery of Donald Trump's Golden Locks

Is Donald Trump's hair real, or isn't it? A full-scale investigation is looking to find the truth.

Donald Trump may have the most notorious hairstyle on the planet, and it's a real head-scratcher.

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Ashley Feinberg, senior reporter for Gawker, believes she's finally solved the mystery of the tycoon's coiffure.

"People have wondered about his hair forever," Feinberg told Inside Edition. "We got an anonymous tip from someone who said he knew how Donald Trump did his hair." 

According to Gawker, Trump's legendary hairdo is actually a weave created by Edward Ivari, a hairstylist who charges his clients $60,000 and another $3,000 every six weeks or so for maintenance.

The salon was located on the 25th floor at Trump Tower in New York City. According to Gawker, it's impossible to gain entry to the floor unless you have a special security escort. It was also on the same floor where Trump keeps his private office.

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“His hair moves in one entity, not as individual hairs,” Feinberg said.

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