Woman Caught Smuggling Meth Burritos Worth $3,000 Across U.S.-Mexico Border: Authorities

Border authorities in Arizona say the American woman was attempting to walk across the border with meth disguised as lunch.

Border authorities say they nabbed a woman last week as she attempted to cross the border with a pound of methamphetamine that was disguised as lunch.

Customs and Border Protection officers in Arizona were alerted to the potential presence of narcotics on an Arizona woman as she crossed back into the United States from Mexico Friday.

While conducting a search, authorities say they discovered her bag of burritos weren't chicken, beef or bean — they were meth.

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The meth burritos contained about a pound, or more than $3,000 worth of the powerful drug, officials said.

The drugs were confiscated and the 23-year-old woman was arrested.

Photos taken after the bust show the ingenious — if insidious — way the woman was attempting to smuggle the drugs.

In a plain grocery bag were what looked like everyday, handmade roadside burritos common in the area.

The burritos were inside paper trays and wrapped in plastic. The smugglers had even garnished the burritos with vegetables for an authentic look.

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It was one of seemingly endless ways in which drug sellers around the world attempt to get meth from poor countries into rich ones.

In February, smugglers attempted to get $900 million worth of liquid meth from Hong Kong into Australia by putting it inside thousands of silicone bra inserts.

That same month, officials in Georgia stopped an attempt to get some $500,000 worth of meth onto the streets there by hiding it inside fire extinguishers.

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