You Either Love or Hate This 'Jeopardy!' Champion

The Internet is abuzz over Buzzy Cohen.

Buzzy Cohen has made $133,402 in seven days as a Jeopardy! champ while making ripples in the Twitterverse over his polarizing play on the quiz show.

Cohen has become one of the most talked-about contestants while trolling host Alex Trebek, using lines from the popular Saturday Night Live "Celebrity Jeopardy!" skit  like “Suck It Trebek” — when giving an answer.

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The contestant runs his hands through his hair with such confidence when he guesses a correct answer that Trebek himself is doing it.

Throughout his time on the show, Cohen has also shown his cockiness in other areas, writing, “See You Tomorrow, Alex” as his "Final Jeopardy!" question.

While his antics make for fun television, viewers of the game show are divided about his disposition.

Twitter user @ScrewBuzzyCohen wrote: “Why does Buzzy Cohen look like an earthworm with a greasy lump of black Ramen noodles on his head?”

Another user wrote: "What is, 'Quit being an arrogant pr***?' Looking at you Buzzy."

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Other viewers, hoever, love his antics.

Reigning champ Buzzy Cohen is a boss. Ruffling Trebek’s feathers is never not hilarious,” wrote one.

“I have an increasingly serious crush on Buzzy Cohen,” wrote one woman.

His time on Jeopardy! may not last forever but his legacy certainly will.

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