Critics Blast 6-Month-Old Water Skier: 'That's a Pretty Sick Way to Exploit Your Baby'

Six-month-old Zyla St. Onge is the youngest person to water ski solo, but the stunt is drawing ire from critics on the Internet.

The reaction has been fierce and swift after video of a 6-month-old water skiing has hit the Internet.

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Zyla St. Onge — at 6 months and 27 days old — has become the youngest person ever to water ski, doing so in the waters of Winter Haven, Florida, earlier this week.

As comfortable as the tike looks while gliding on the water, the Internet has taken her parents to task for what they believe was putting the girl in harm's way.

"People are nuts,” was one online comment.

"Waterskiing is too big a risk for a six-month-old,” reads another.

Another person wrote: "That’s a pretty sick way to exploit your baby!" 

Zyla’s parents addressed the criticism to Inside Edition.

Her father, Keith, said: “She was not put in any harm whatsoever. She had a lifejacket on. There were people around her in the water. She literally hardly got her hair wet. So there was no danger whatsoever. I'd never put my child in that type of situation.”

Keith is a world champion water skier. He and his wife, Lauren, say they took all sorts of precautions at a small lake near Orlando last Saturday to keep their tiny tot safe.

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At one point while water skiing, Zyla showed just how comfortable she was when she took one hand off the bar she was holding.

"I came close to jumping in right there actually," Keith said. "'Cause I thought maybe she'd let go and just tip over but she grabbed back on and just kept going.”

Lauren added: "When we practiced in the living room she would do that too. She'd let go with one hand. And we'd always go, oh, it's a little wave but she'd always grab back on."

Dr. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine doctor, watch the video and told Inside Edition: "I don't care if the parent is a water skier or an astronaut. Putting your daughter in that situation makes no sense at all."

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