Are These The Worst Neighbors Ever? Footage Captures Gun Fights and Chaos

Amber and Nathan Krotzer said police were called to the house next door about once a week.

A couple moved from their home without even waiting to sell their house after claiming they lived next door to the neighbors from hell.

Thanks to fistfights and gunshots fired night and day, Amber Krotzer called the neighbors “the worst that we’ve had.”

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Amber and her husband, Nathan, moved into their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma four years ago. They thought it was a nice quiet neighborhood where they could raise their two kids.

Little did they realize they were moving next to a house of chaos. The couple said the trouble started shortly after moving in.

“You could say it was a nightmare,” Nathan told IE.

Things got so bad that Nathan mounted a surveillance camera outside his house and he couldn’t believe what the videos recorded.

In one video, a man pointed a gun at another guy.

Police were called to the house next door about once a week. But the Krotzers say cops told them nothing could be done.

Amber said: “We called the cops, I even tried putting in an anonymous tip for a drug house but they would always say there wasn’t enough evidence.”

Tulsa Police Office Leland Ashley said: “I will tell you law enforcement hands are tied in a lot of ways especially when there are misdemeanor situations that are not occurring in our presence.”

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INSIDE EDITION tried asking the neighbors their side of the story, but they didn’t want to talk, except to say: “We’re not the worst neighbors.”

Another resident, a man named Junior, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

While the Krotzers have moved away, they have so far been unsuccessful in selling their home.


An earlier version of this report incorrectly reported that one of the Krotzers’ neighbors, Angela Todd, pled guilty to receiving stolen property. We regret the error.

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