Best-Selling Celebrity Biographer Wendy Leigh Dead in Possible Suicide After Fall From Balcony

Wendy Leigh had chronicled of the lives of the famous, including David Bowie, Patrick Swayze and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Best-selling author and celebrity biographer Wendy Leigh, who chronicled of the lives of the famous, including Davie Bowie, Patrick Swayze and John F. Kennedy, Jr., has died after falling from the balcony of her London apartment, officials said. She was 65.

Leigh was found dead near Battersea Power Station. It was not immediately clear whether she committed suicide or if the fall was accidental.

Her agent Dan Strone confirmed her death to

Calling her an “eternally optimistic and upbeat person,” Strone said Leigh put her whole self into her work and was the ultimate professional.

“I never thought the woman slept," he said. "She was just somebody who always was excited about the next thing... She always thought something fantastic was on the horizon... You wanted to bottle some of that energy."

But Leigh had not recovered from the death of her 88-year-old mother, Marion, who passed away days before this past Christmas.

"She was very, very close to her mother," Strone said. "She was an only child and they lived in the same apartment building...Wendy had been the caretaker of her mother because her mother had been ill. She was very involved in making sure her mother had the most perfect living conditions and care that was possible."

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After her mother died, Leigh honored her wishes that she enjoy life and travel and not mourn her loss, he said.

"She wanted Wendy to enjoy her life," Strone said. "I did know that she was struggling and she did say how much she missed her ... I think at a certain point... it sort of catches up to you. There's one thing to travel ... but you just come back to it."

Leigh was also vocal on social media about her struggles in dealing with the loss of her mother. 

“Five months today since my mother, Marion died. I wish I could say it gets easier, but the truth is quite the reverse... Missing her more than I can say, but I know I was lucky to have had her as my mother,” she wrote in a May 22 Facebook post.

The late author also recently quoted an article about depression on Twitter, writing “I woke crying, and I went to sleep crying. It still didn’t occur to me that I was depressed.”

Leigh recently put her London home up for sale, noting on Instagram the “sexy” and “stylish” flat’s Chelsea Bridge and River Thames views.

"She was looking to sort of change her life; she wanted to move to New York," Strone said. "She was always looking for the next adventure."

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Saying he found out about Leigh's death on Tuesday, Strone said: "I was really surprised. She had a lot of people and friends who were in touch with her at that time... I was surprised. I still am."

An unnamed colleague at Britain’s Daily Mail, where Leigh freelanced, told the New York Post that the woman had almost no family left.

“It’s very, very sad,” the colleague said. “There will have to be an inquest.”

The Post reported that Leigh had committed suicide.

She was said to have broken into the business with the help of press lord Robert Maxwell, with whom she was romantically involved.

She went on to pen a series of erotica novels featuring a heroine named Miranda who “gets swept up into a dark world of passion and glamour when she meets notorious billionaire Robert Hartwell, an irresistible dominant older man,” Goodreads notes.

Leigh also coauthored Shirley Jones’ memoir and Christopher Ciccone’s ‘Life with My Sister Madonna.’   

Memorial and funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized for the author as of Thursday. 

"I never met anybody like her," Strone said. "She was an amazing person." 

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