Carla Ferrigno Speaks Out About Encounter With Bill Cosby: 'He Looked Like the Devil'

The wife of TV's 'Incredible Hulk' was an 18-year-old Playboy bunny when she claims she was attacked by the disgraced funnyman.

The wife of famed bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno has broken her silence about the moment she claims Bill Cosby tried to sexually assault her.

"His eyes, he looked like the devil," Carla Ferrigno told Inside Edition. 

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She says the incident happened in 1967, when she was 18 and working as a Playboy bunny, long before she married Ferrigno, best known as TV's "The Incredible Hulk."

She says she was on double date with Cosby and his wife. They went to the movies and ended up at the Cosby home in Beverly Hills, she claims. 

Her date and Cosby's wife, Camille, disappeared, she contends, leaving her alone with the comedian. He offered her a cocktail, she says, but she declined. He then offered her water, which she says she also turned down.

Then, "he kissed me right in the mouth and kept holding on and I started pushing and it took all my strength," she said. 

Ferrigno says she left as soon as she could. 

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She blames not just Cosby, but his wife, too.

"His wife, she knew. She knew everything. Because every woman knows her husband," she said. 

Ferrigno said she has only told her husband about the alleged attack and is coming forward now to support other alleged victims, who total more than 50.

Cosby denies any wrongdoing. A judge ruled last week he must stand trial in the case of accuser Andrea Constand, a former basketball player at Temple University.

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