Disabled Miniature Horse Celebrates in Forever Home After Being Rescued From Backyard

Sebastian, the three-foot-tall horse, was found in a muddy pen filled with broken boards and covered in his own feces.

This miniature horse's life has drastically improved as he rolled around in his forever home after being rescued from a North Carolina backyard.

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In a statement, PETA said described how rescuers discovered the three-foot-tall horse as they were delivering supplies to neglected dogs nearby.

Sebastian, who had a disfigured face, was found in a muddy pen filled with broken boards and covered in his own feces.

"Sebastian's owner simply didn't bother to take care of this little horse's every day needs," they wrote.

The team rescued Sebastian to a local farm, where veterinarians soon found that the 2-year-old horse had likely suffered blunt force trauma that left him partially paralyzed in the face, and in a hind leg.

He also had an eye ulcer that was infected after going untreated.

PETA volunteers treated for his injuries, and although he would be permanently disabled, the group said: "Despite his limp, he can run like the wind. Albeit a short, brisk wind — more like a gust."

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As Sebastian got better, he was moved to a forever home where he quickly settled in with other rescued animals, including a pig and some goats.

In a video by PETA, Sebastian the miniature horse can be seen rolling around in the dirt in excitement, surrounded by his new rescue animal family.

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