Family Enlists Help of German Shepherd to Pull Out Girl's Tooth

In this video posted to Facebook, a little girl gets some much needed dental help from her loyal canine friend.

It was a moment of tooth for a loyal canine that subbed in for a little girl's dentist in a video that has gone viral.

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For 10-year-old Sidney Vasquez of Corona, California, no one was more equipped to pull out her loose tooth except her family’s 5-year-old German shepherd, Pantur.

For several months, the tooth had been the talk at the dinner table, and family members were anxious to see when it would come out.

“The tooth was making everybody crazy,” Sidney’s father Carlos Vasquez recalled to CBSLA.

By simply attaching dental floss to her tooth and the other end to Pantur’s harness, Sidney’s tooth popped right out after sending the dog flying to retrieve a toy ball.

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Sidney’s brother caught the whole event on camera, posting it to their dentist's Facebook page Sunday. This video instantly became an internet sensation.

“I was like, ‘let’s get this baby out already,’” said Sidney, who was immediately looking ahead to a visit from the tooth fairy. 

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